Galerie Hans Mayer

Art Basel Miami

01.12.16 – 04.12.16

Art Basel

16.06.16 – 19.06.16

Art Cologne

14.04.16 – 17.04.16

Art Basel Hong Kong 2016

24.03.16 – 26.03.16

Art Basel Miami 2015

02.12.2015 – 06.12.2015



abc – art berlin contemporary: solo presentation Zander Blom

17.09.2015 – 20.09.2015


abc – art berlin contemporary: solo presentation Zander Blom in cooperation with Stevenson Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa

In a collaboration for ABC 2015, Stevenson and Galerie Hans Mayer present a solo booth of new paintings by Zander Blom.

Combining explorations into mark-making, image-making and visual perception, Zander Blom’s abstract paintings both explode and collapse the histories of twentieth-century art movements, and ideas of modernism and modernist studio practices. As Blom states:

"The history of art is in a way a sort of dictionary that can assist one in writing new stories in the present… The way I see it is that history is only useful if we can plunder it. The social and political aspects of the artists and movements that I reference cannot be nullified (in fact they add value and depth to my own work) but I am also free to use the parts that interest me and discard the rest." 

In 2014 South African-based Blom was the recipient of the third Jean-François Prat Prize for contemporary art, Paris. In April 2015, Blom held his first European solo exhibition at Galerie Hans Mayer in Düsseldorf. 



Art Basel 2015

16.06.2015 – 21.06.2015




Art Basel Miami Beach

03.12.14 - 07.12.14



22.10.14 - 26.10.14


Art Basel

17.06.2014 - 22.06.2014


Art Basel Hong Kong

15.05.2014 - 18.05.2014


19.02.14 - 23.02.14

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